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WAR- MP interview John Blanche - Directeur Artistique de Games Workshop.

La VO.

MP: Have you had the opportunirty to work with EA Mythic on the Warhammer Online Project?
John Blanche: Only indirectly, we had to monitor all their artists and sub signed one of their artists works. It was only for six months when Warhammer Online was doing sketches in the studios.

MP: Have you had the opportunity to see the work they’ve done so far? How would you rate it?

John Blanche: Oh Yes. It’s fantastic. They’ve got some great inspiration on a few things and feeds back to the studios. So it was a serious print out of some of the concepts works that they’re working on Warhammer Online and we actually look at doing the project in the studios as well. So it ended up with each one influencing the other.

My favourite is the Dark Elves.

MP: Do you think they really managed to catch the Warhammer Spirit?
John Blanche: Mostly yes. They managed to flesh out some things though for us in the studios. Like having town and buildings and other things that were hard to do.

MP: THQ announced that they’ll be working on a Warhammer 40.000 MMO, will you work with them the way you work with EA Mythic?
John Blanche: It will be the same process. We got to see what they do, and assess it. That’s how it works. It’s not a direct relationship.

MP: Did EA Mythic had access to some of your drawings you’ve done for Warhammer?
John Blanche: Absolutely yes.

MP: What do you think makes Warhammer, Warhammer?
John Blanche: Dark, death, stonked? Does that one exist? Stonked? Big, bold, brutal… It’s fantasy but Warhammer is gritty.

MP: How would you rate those screenshots?
John Blanche: (Chosen Artwork): That is Warhammer. That one is like faery tales (Avelorn Screenshot).

Dark and grim, just like real life. Brutal, nasty.

MP: Thanks a lot.

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